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Update 20.08.2019
It shows Tirza at hospital. At her left arm you can see where they put the winged infusion set.

Currently I am sick since middle / end of June 2019. What initially looked like stomach flu remained longer than it should have.


After the liver tests were checked, I was sent directly to the hospital because my liver values were 5-7 times as high as they should have been.

Since then I have to struggle with the following symptoms:

  • pain in the area of the liver

  • stomach flu: sometimes I am every hour on the way to the toilet

  • attacks of fever

  • heavy exhaustion, increased need for sleep

  • recurring headache and generalized pain

  • decreased appetite

  • vomiting of blood

  • painful bloating

The assumption of the hospital in which I layed for 1 week: it is because of the antidepressants I have to take.

Let's see what the gastroenterologist says.

Update 05.09.2019

Soon a special MRI will be done, which will take a closer look at the small intestine. The stomach and the other intestinal tracts have already been excluded.

Until the possible conversion of the anti-depressants, however, you can not really do anything for the time being. Let's see what the current lab values and the MRI will be like in the near future.

Update 26.10.2019 First meeting with a trainer

We talked about the following things:

  • What problems and limitations do I have to struggle with? Can I really take care of a dog despite this?

  • Are there any dog ​​allergies? Does my husband stand behind the acquisition?

  • What happens to the dog if I have to go to the hospital or so?

  • Do at least 3 of the possible actions of a PTSD dog come in handy and would give me relief?

  • What sort of training are we going for: training by myself or would the dog stay for a few months with the trainer? About which price range are we talking here?

  • Directly bring a puppy to my home or let him first experience the basic training with the trainer, so that he would move in as a young dog?

  • What about removing PooPoo and pee inside the flat?

  • What do our cats think about dogs?

  • How does it look with the financing? What are the options?

  • Which breeds would be suitable?

  • Where would the training sessions take place?

  • If we would say yes to get a service dog, how would it go on?

We were introduced to two assistant dogs in training: a nearly 2 year old black labrador and a 1 year old black doodle lady. This served as a test to see how I react to big dogs and if a dog really was for me.

Update 30.10.2019  + Considerations
Junger Hund im Wald.

Young dog:

❌ it would cost at leat 4.000 € more, because he would stay at the trainers home the first months. Since it is difficult for me to accept help and ask for help, I don't like the idea of asking for much more money.

❌Only when the puppy was a little older, he would visit us for the first time and get to know the cats.

❌ I would only be able to see him every 2 weeks for a few hours.

✅ Pottie training and basic obedience would not be my responsibility

Training with people and public transport would inevitably make the trainer casual along the way.

Since the trainer has several dogs at home, socialization would be assured.


As for training with public transport and larger crowds, the trainer and my husband would have to take over so that the four-legged does not take my basic attitude.

✅ I have enough time to care for a puppy.

✅ From the beginning on we can see if the cats and he get along with each other.

✅ Success in dog training will have a positive effect on my psyche.

Clean up little accidents won't be a a problem for me.

Costs less, as if he would first be trained with the trainer.

Thus, the question would be already clarified. Other open questions and things to do are:

  • Male or female?

  • Which breeds would be ok or not ok for me?

  • Does coat color matter?

  • Financing: only ask for help via GoFundme or also via newspaper article?

  • Asking the landlord for permission.

  • Finish the website.

At the Hydro-MRI unfortunately nothing was found. However, the symptoms do not stop and do not diminish. In the meantime we are changing my anti-depressants. Let's see if the gastroenterologist has more ideas.

Update 12.12.2019

One change of the anti-depressants worked. Further changes cannot be started until the end of January.

Meanwhile, the gastroenterologist has slowly reached his limits, since it apparently has nothing to do with the gallbladder being removed 4 years ago (thanks to polyps). 

And while the doctors are still puzzling and the health insurance company is not happy thanks to me being incapable to work since June, I keep walking around with the symptoms.

Update 14.12.2019

After some issues with the landlord the crowdfunding can finally start. The trainer can now start with their search for the perfect puppy.

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