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My current situation in the workplace

The last three years - a single disaster

At the end of 2017 until the beginning of 2018 I worked in the public library in NRW. Already after 3 months the employment was terminated, because I was too often sick at that time.

Here is a comparison: sometimes you have a toothache, then just a headache or a pulling on the jaw, then nothing happens again for days. It takes some time until you get the idea to go to the dentist. In the meantime you may take an aspirin or avoid hot / cold foods which only worsen the situation, rather than improve it.

And so it was here: instead of giving me some rest and paying attention to what my body wanted to tell me, I kept on going; of course, this could only go wrong.

Half a year later, I finally knew what illnesses I was dealing with.

From the job there to the next in Cologne 14 months passed with unemployment. I spent this time with therapy and trying to get back on my feet.

The pic shows Tirza at work at a public library.
Currently problems

In Cologne I have had the privilege of holding a wonderful job for the last 6 months, which I really liked. But then there were health problems that led to a termination within the probationary period.

As a result, within 2 years I have once again the pleasure of dealing with the employment agency and the sickness benefit department of the health insurance company.

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