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Literature recommandations

Topic service dogs, puppys, dogs in general and their training

Giving paws - having a service dog for a hidden disability


Here, the author tells about why she needed a service dog, how the training of the dog ran and what ups and downs she went through as a result. And can a chihuahua help you at all?

note: Good that someone writes about the dark sides too.

own personal rating: 4 out of 5 stars

author: Martha L. Thompson

ISBN: 978-1-63393-499-3

pages: 177

year: 2017

publisher: Virginia Beach Cape Charles

Training your own service dog and psychiatric service dog bundle


How do I best attach the commands to my SD? What if he is unsure of new situations? What do I need for materials for his education? How do I manage to help him understand what I want from him?

note: Since it's just a printed e-book, you have to look a bit beyond the look of the pages. After all, it does not detract from the content.

own personal rating: 4 out of 5 stars


author: Max Matthews

ISBN: 978-1729779910

pages: 222

year: 2018

publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 

Saved by the dog - unleashing potential with psychiatric service dogs


Where does the concept of the service dog come from? Which different types are there? Am I really fit and would such a dog be a help for me? What different training paths are available, which ones would be suitable? What else do you have to pay attention to or what to think about? I want to go on vacation - what should I think of before?

note: All the important questions to ask and answer in advance are provided here.

own personal rating: 5 out of 5 stars

author: Anne Martinez

ISBN: 978-0-9984636-0-5

pages: 244

year: 2017

publisher: Anventure LLC

Vom Welpen zum Assistenzhund - Auswahl, Standards, Training (german edition)


What is a SD and what do I have to look for when choosing the right puppy? Is every breed suitable? What are the training accessories? How do I socialize him? Which standards must the service dog later fullfill? And what should he learn since his age of a puppy?

note: Since the author has to fight with illnesses herself, but at the same time also works as a SD trainer, you are definitely in good hands here.

own personal rating: 4,5 out of 5 stars


author: Luca Barrett

ISBN: 978-3-944473-06-2

pages: 152

year: 2013

publisher: Assistenzhunde Verlag, Osterode

Hundeerziehung und Hundetraining für Anfänger - Erlerne das Hundetraining mit Hundepfeife, Hundespielzeug, Futterbeutel und dem clicker (german edition)


How do I best reward my dog and promote good behavior? Which options are open to you? What tasks does the human being have within the pack? In addition, example tasks for the feed bag and assistance for teaching the recall are given. 

note: Short but crisp.

own personal rating: 4 out of 5 stars

author: Peter Kraft

ISBN: 978-1-982916336

pages: 85

year: 2018, 2nd edition

publisher: Kober Records

Ein Welpe kommt ins Haus (german edition)


Am I even fit for a dog? What should I look for when choosing the breeder? Which food is available and which one is really suitable for my puppy? How do I make it easier for him to get used to me? How to care for a puppy and how do I remove a tick? Is education possible at an early age? What does the world look like from the point of view of my dog?

note: Many pictures, well written. Ask the right, important questions. Suitable for everyone.

own personal rating: 4,5 out of 5 stars


author: Brigitte Harries, Renate Jones

ISBN: 978-3-440-12749-0

pages: 144

year: 2011

publisher: Kosmos

Welpentraining mit Martin Rütter (german edition)


Puppy or adult dog? Which breed would be suitable? What makes a good breeder and how does the layman recognize him? How can you help the puppy to settle in? What is toxic and must be removed beforehand? How do you praise and punish properly? How do you bring house-keeping and stay alone? When do you socialize him and how? How do I teach the little creature the basic commands?

note: Martin Rütter is a famous dog trainer here in Germany.

own personal rating: 5 out of 5 stars


author: Martin Rütter

ISBN: 978-3-440-12273-0

pages: 159

year: 2015

publisher: Kosmos

Welpen Praxisbuch - Alles Wichtige zu Auswahl, Eingewöhnung, Pflege & Erziehung (german edition)


What health features should the puppy have? How is the development of the sweet four-legged? What do you pay attention to when choosing the right feed? How do you find each other? How do you praise and punish properly? How does he stay healthy?

note: Lots of information, also shows the strenuous pages of puppy education.

own personal rating: 4 out of 5 stars


author: Katharina von der Leyen

ISBN: 978-3-8338-5724-9

pages: 176

year: 2018, 2nd edition

publisher: Gräfe und Unzer

Puppies for dummies


If you choose a dog, you should be pretty sure. What do you have to pay attention to when choosing? How do you manage to build a relationship with the puppy and reward good manners right from the start? At what age can you teach something to the four-legged friend without overstraining him? What if he shows territorial claims and slight aggression? How do I tackle this? Only a healthy four-legged friend is a happy one - so what do you have to pay attention to healthwise?

note: It's a lot of text. But if you don't mind you'll be perfectly fine.

own personal rating: 4 out of 5 stars

author: Sarah Hodgson

ISBN: 978-1-119-55847-7

pages: 406

year: 2019, 4. edition

publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Hundeerziehung in der Stadt - souverän und entspannt in Bus, Fußgängerzone und Park (german edition)


Whether puppy or dog, how do I teach the four-legged friend to be alone? What dangers lurk on him in the urban jungle? How do I stop him from pooping where he is not allowed to? What if you meet other dog owners? How do I stop him, eg. from hunting bikes? Practical exercises will show you how to take away the fears of your dog.

note: From "sit" to "don't bite the skating child" is all there and represented by many photos.

own personal rating: 5 out of 5 stars


author: Kirsten Wolf, Anja Mack

ISBN: 978-3-8338-5390-6

pages: 120

year: 2016

publisher: Gräfe und Unzer

Hunde Clicker-Box (german edition)


Where does the clicker come from and why is it a good training tool? How do I handle it correctly? What is written on the training cards? What if I forgot the clicker at home? And what if you have several dogs or other family members want to train the dog?

note: Any questions you may have will be answered in the additional book.

own personal rating: 5 out of 5 stars

author: Sabine Winkler

ISBN: 978-3-8338-4635-9

content: 1 Clicker, 1 additional book with 45 pages, 36 training cards

year: 2019, 5. edition

publisher: Gräfe und Unzer

Das andere Ende der Leine - was unseren Umgang mit Hunden bestimmt (german edition)


How does our dog see us? Why does he sometimes seem to understand us better than at other times? How does he interpret our behavior? Why does he prefer to hide and chase after the deer track than to go for a walk with us? What is it about dominance? Can our communication be expanded and improved?

note: Nobody is perfect. So it's all the better that the author gives her mistakes in the book's little anecdotes so that you can learn from them.

own personal rating: 4 out of 5 stars

author: Patricia B. McConnell

ISBN: 978-3-95464-183-3

pages: 318 

year: 2018, Paperback edition

publisher: Kynos

original title from 2002: The end of the other leash - why we do what we do around dogs

For the love of dog - understanding emotion in you and your best friend


"The best friend of man." As such, the dog is often called. But what about the other way around? Do we really understand, what is going on in the four-legged? Are we really doing justice to this friendship? Do we recognize the diverse emotions and how can we help the dog, for example, cope better with fears?

note: Definitely topics that few talk about.

own personal rating: 4,5 out of 5 stars


author: Patricia B. McConnell

ISBN: 978-0-345-47715-6

pages: 332

year: 2007, Paperback edition

publisher: Ballantine Books

Dogs can sign, too - a breakthrough method for teaching your dog to communicate to you


How often have you been there and have wished that the four-legged friend could tell you what exactly he wants. Does he want water? Did he recognize who is at the door? The so-called K9Sign system promises just that. This can teach your dog to communicate with you. Be it that he urgently needs to do his business, is thirsty or has any toys he would like.

note: The K9Signs with the go potty and the thirst are ones I will definitely try when the dog is there.

own personal rating: 4 out of 5 stars

author: Sean Senechal

ISBN: 978-1-58761-353-1

pages: 216

year: 2009

publisher: Celestial Arts Berkeley

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