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Topic Borderline personality disorder and emotion control

Borderline Personality Disorder for Dummies 


What is Borderline? Which symptoms and causes exist? Can it be treated and if yes how? How can I explain it to my social environment? Furthermore it helps to set realistic goals and to not assert too high claims against yourself and to understand why you need help.

note: After beeing diagnosed this book helped me a lot to understand even better what this personality disorder is all about. Highly recommended to affected persons.

own personal rating: 5 out of 5 stars


author: Charles H. Elliott, PhD and Laura L. Smith, PhD

ISBN: 978-0-470-46653-7

pages: 366

year: 2009

publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Stronger than Borderline - the girl's guide to taking control of intense emotions, drama & chaos using DBT 


Because the author is a Borderliner herself you feel as a reader and Borderliner understood. She shows that you don't have to do anything right or to 100% perfect, but rather approach things realistically. Based on the therapy method DBT the author shows how to learn to stay grounded.

note: It is very nice because someone with the same disease shows that you can work on yourself.

own personal rating: 4 out of von 5 stars


author: Debbie Corso

ISBN: 978-1-62625-495-4

pages: 174

year: 2017

publisher: New Harbinger Publishing, Inc.

The Dialectic Behavior Therapy Skill Workbook - practical DBT excercises for learning mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation & distress tolerance 


It explains how to achieve the skills that DBT aspires to do and what to do with the tables that are in the manual.

note: It's about DBT. Do I really have to say more?

own, personal rating: 4 out of 5 stars

author: Matthew McKay, Jeffrey C. Wood, Jeffrey Brantley

ISBN: 978-1-57224-513-6

pages: 232

year: 2007

publisher: New Harbinger Publishing, Inc.

Schema therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder


Schema therapy is a form of therapy in which one works out which basic schemes the patient has learned to satisfy his basic needs. He often clings to them, even though they are dysfunctional. This book shows to what extent this therapy helps borderline patients, and what other methods can be used to help them.

note: Even if it is more written for therapists, it can still help the patient to better understand this form of therapy and sometimes even encounter damaging basic patterns by himself.

own personal rating: 4,5 out of 5 stars

author: Arnoud Arnitz, Hannie van Genderen

ISBN: 978-0-470-51081-0

pages: 195

year: 2009

publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

L(i)eben mit Borderline - Ein Ratgeber für Angehörige (german edition)


Not only borderliners have to contend with their illness, but also their environment, which can not always understand why they are so impulsive. Based on short descriptions of examples, relatives and friends of the person concerned are told that the Borderliner is not always able to do something for his reactions and in what the symptoms are based.

note: For those who are Borderliners it's not enlightening, for the environment, however, it may be helpful as an approach.

own personal rating: 3,5 out of 5 stars

author: Udo Rauchfleisch

ISBN: 978-3-8436-0636-3

pages: 151

year: 2017, 2nd edition

publisher: Patmos

Zerrissen zwischen Extremen: Leben mit einer Borderline-Störung - Hilfe für Betroffene und Angehörige (german edition)


Using various practical examples, the authors show what is actually meant by the various symptoms of borderline disorder. In addition, it is shown that until a few years ago, the disorder was considered barely treatable.

note: The detailed, somewhat extravagant examples you have to like.

own personal rating: 2,5 out of 5 stars

author: Dr. Jerold J. Kreisman, Hal Straus

ISBN: 978-3-442-16976-4

pages: 416

year: 2008, 10. edition

publisher: Goldmann

Gewaltfreie Kommunikation für Dummies (german edition)


Do I observe something or do I rate it directly? Do I draw hasty conclusions? Am I angry in conversation and wonder why it does not go out well? How can I show empathy for my counterpart? Because no matter in which areas, whether in private or professional life, communication is not always as easy as we need it and wish us, or imagine. So, is there any way to find solutions that take into account all participants? And does this also work without any nerve wracking conflicts? 


note: It is never easy to see the truth in the mirror. Therefore, it is only natural if you put the book aside for a while because you need a break.

own personal rating: 4,5 out of 5 stars

author: Al Weckert

ISBN: 978-3-527-70821-5

pages: 312

year: 2014, 1. Auflage

publisher: Wiley-VCH

Schlagfertigkeit für Dummies (english edition)


Reacting more relaxed, and yet still not accepting anything? Stand up for yourself, without punching the other one? Is that even possible?


note: Borderliner or not, this book is for everyone incredibly helpful.

own personal rating: 4 out of 5 stars

author: Gero Teufert

ISBN: 978-3-527-70793-5

pages: 414

year: 2015, 1. Auflage

publisher: Wiley-VCH

Anger Management for Dummies


Anger is a normal emotion. But how do you best deal with it without hurting yourself or others or doing rash things? How to react in a non-aggressive way even though you are very angry, how can you do it at work or in your private life? And how do I deal with it when someone acts aggressively towards me?

note: In my opinion, it's good that the writers show you that you can not do things right from one day to the next, and that rage and anger are totally normal.

own personal rating: 4,5 out of 5 stars


author: Charles H. Elliott, PhD and Laura L. Smith, PhD

ISBN: 978-1-119-03000-3

pages: 356

year: 2015, 2nd edition

publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Emotional intelligence for Dummies


What kind of emotions do I feel and how do I manage to become better and more aware of them? Can one control feelings, and if so, how? What does empathy mean and why should I care how others are feeling? How do I best apply what I've learned in the workplace, at home, in parenting and generally in relationships? What if I meet someone who has problems with emotional intelligence? How can I help that person?

note: Whether you or someone you care about has problems not to be controlled by emotions, this book definitely brings you further.

own personal rating: 5 out of 5 stars


author: Steven J. Stein, PhD

ISBN: 978-0-470-15732-9

pages: 334

year: 2009

publisher: John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd.

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