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It shows Tirza Gamerdinger. She sits on the floor. On her lap is her Maine Coon Momo. Tirza wears a hoodie.

About me

name:                       Tirza Gamerdinger

born (dd/MM/yy):    11.03.1993

marital status:         married

place of residence:  Leichlingen (NRW, Germany)

My name is Tirza Gamerdinger and I'm 26 years old. At the moment I'm living with my husband and our three Maine Coon girls in the Rhineland in Germany.

At my free time I love to read a lot, listen to music, watching gaming livestreams or videos at Youtube, or I'm playing by myself at the PC or a console.

I completed my apprenticeship in Swabia and I am a specialist for media and information services - subject area library (kind of a librarian).

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