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My Maine-Coons


born on 05.04.2017

blue tortie white

Momo is currently just over 2 years old and my absolute darling. She likes to clean one, kiss (on the nose and mouth) and is the fluffiest, greatest fool around the world.

Maine Coons are known for their water repellent coat. Momo pushes the whole thing even more to the extreme, because when she has been showered, 1. her coat almost instantly dry again and 2. one may find that she hardly got wet, if you stroke her coat in the other direction.

Anyone who meets Momo admires how fluffy her coat is, how incredibly lovely she is, and that the line on her nose, which bisects the face, not only affects the bridge of the nose, but also the nose itself and her lips.

She comes from the same litter as her sister Ronja.

Momo, a Maine Coon cat, is in the foreground on a cat tree. In the background you can see her little sister Wickie.
Ronja, the sister of Momo, is laying in the cat tree house and her majesty is judging you.

born on 05.04.2017

black tortie 

Ronja, Momo's sister, is currently just over 2 years old and loves my husband about everything. She loves to force-clean their little sister Wickie, has a dislike of kissing, and is the most attention needy princess ever.

She loves to accompany you on the walk to the loo and take care of you. Often you can find her chasing magpies, pigeons and airplanes on the balcony or at the window. (Airplanes are her favorite birds.)

Or she sits in front of you or a door again meowing for attention, pats or just for a conversation.

And should my husband not be around, I'm her dearest in the world and she cuddles up to me. But as soon as her dad comes around the corner, she lies as far away from me as possible.

born on 25.06.2017

blue silver classic torbie

Wickie is the youngest of the three and the half sister of Ronja and Momo (same daddy). Since she was the only girl in her litter, she is our little bully and therefore aptly named after the eponymous cartoon character and series.

She is only too eager to go after her big sisters and is always amazed why they fight back. Nevertheless, she loves the two, even if she would never admit it.

Because of her great curiosity and her love for hunting, we like to call her our little spy.

Wickie lays sleeping on the black couch.

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