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Other diseases

Physical diseases

In addition to the mental illness and the recurrent EBV, I also suffer from:

  • iron deficiency

  • mild anemia

  • migraine

In addition, I suffer from the hypermobility syndrome. It was diagnosed when I was about 13 years old. Due to frequent cracking with the fingers and the neck, I went to the orthopedist.

Hypermobility syondrome

Unfortunately, this connective tissue disease is not really known to many doctors.

Often the symptoms are:

  • joints stretch farther than normal

  • pain because of instability and overuse of the joints and connective tissue

  • varicose veins and connective tissue weakness (stretch marks, for example)

  • frequent tendonitis with no real reason

  • disturbed depth stability (the sense of balance is disturbed and movements are sometimes therefore a problem)

However, this hypermobility decreases with age, which has started at the end of puberty in my case. Characteristics here are:

  • decrease in mobility

  • increase of pain and joint stiffness

  • tendons may shorten

Unfortunately, my assessment of my degree of disability does not take it into account, even though it has a big impact on my life.

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